A world POWERED by a device that creates ENERGY on demand

A world with ENERGY Independence

A world & economy with MINIMAL pollution to drive its ENERGY needs

Our Mission: To develop pollution-free, portable, scalable,
Distributed power sources. This process requires no fossil or
nuclear fuel and emits no waste, carbon, or harmful radiation.

Why Invest With Jovion?

How It Works


Casimir Generators would generate electricity locally, and would be sized to match their purpose. It all depends on the suitability of the need. For instance, an automobile Casimir Generator needs to fit inside an engine space and provide just the right amount of power to run the car.

Affordable Energy

THe cost to run our Casimir powered Zero point Energy device
will close the loop on developing countries engery needs!

Security and Independence

The ability to be truly "off the grid" with energy production
and have a safe, long last, renewable source of energy

Heal Our Planet

We can stop destroying our environment with fossil fuels
and utilize clean energy with no by products or health concerns

Man Hours
to demo stage

Investment Opportunities

After Jovion completes our proof of concept, our product, the Casimir Generator, would do just that and would power: automobiles, home appliances, residential and commercial heating and air-conditioning, power plants and factories, the desalination of ocean water to create clean drinking water, propulsion systems and many other items. This device has the potential to put an end to global warming, and wars caused by limited resources, and to save our environment from destruction. It would replace the combustion of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas to produce electricity. In addition, energy would be much cheaper.

Jovion Corporation describes its plans to demonstrate, develop, and commercialize its patented process and device for extracting energy from the most fundamental energy source in the universe, the quantum vacuum field (QVF). Unlike batteries, this Casimir generator is capable of providing a continuous, effectively unending source of energy.

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