• Imagine a world that is powered by a device that creates energy on-demand.

  • Imagine a world with energy independence!

  • Imagine a world and economy with minimal pollution to drive its energy needs!

After Jovion completes our proof of concept, our product, the Casimir Generator, would do just that and would power: automobiles, home appliances, residential and commercial heating and air-conditioning, power plants and factories, the desalination of ocean water to create clean drinking water, propulsion systems and many other items. This device has the potential to put an end to global warming, wars caused by limited resources, and to save our environment from destruction. It would replace the combustion of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and natural gas to produce electricity. In addition, energy would be much cheaper.

Casimir Generators would generate electricity locally, and would be sized to match their purpose. It all depends on the suitability of the need. For instance, an automobile Casimir Generator needs to fit inside an engine space and provide just the right amount of power to run the car.

Jovion Corporation describes its plans to demonstrate, develop, and commercialize its patented process and device for extracting energy from the most fundamental energy source in the universe, the quantum vacuum field (QVF). Unlike batteries, this Casimir generator is capable of providing a continuous, effectively unending source of energy.

Mission Statement

The mission of Jovion Corporation is to develop pollution-free, portable, scalable, distributed power sources. This process requires no fossil or nuclear fuel and emits no: waste, carbon or harmful radiation. It is based on the Casimir-Lamb shift.

Become a Part of a Scientific Breakthrough and Energy Revolution

We invite you to consider supporting the Jovion Energy Harvesting project, by donating, investing, partnering, and subcontracting, etc. Jovion has a team lined up, with the necessary test equipment in place, supplies, technical resources and has a laboratory (Hathaway Research International) that is ready to proceed with experimental verification for proof of concept. (See our early results in, "Test of zero-point energy emission from gases flowing through Casimir cavities.") Due to limited funding to date, we've only been able to use surrogate Casimir cavity devices. We need money to develop appropriate Casimir cavity devices for precise testing of our concept.

This technology has revolutionary and disruptive potential. For more in-depth-scientific information please view scientific and reference information on this site and beyond. This website is informational only, and is not an offer nor solicitation, which is only made through our prospectus/business plan.

Contact: Mr. Hugo Trux, President of Jovion

Email: Trux-marketing@prodigy.net Telephone: 614-736-8789

or: Marsha Sims, Chief Executive Officer

Email: sims@calphysics.org Telephone: 415-407-4609

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